"I'm not just a Cyber Hacker, or Bio Hacker, I'm a SOUL Hacker!"


"I'm not just a Cyber Hacker, or Bio Hacker, I'm a SOUL Hacker!"

I recently had the pleasure of revealing the fact that I am one of the most infamous Cyber Hackers in North America to the attendees of The UC system Cyber Security Summit. Here is a brief clip demonstrating how I'm a "Soul Hacker" as well.

This was actually a powerful study in what Magicians call “Causality”. This refers to ‘what or who is doing the magic’, or the reason for the magic. In this case I was ‘coming out’ as a Cyber Hacker.

This was a field day for my comedy writer as I was able to pull from my studies of Semiconductor technology, quantum mechanics, consciousness hacking and the truly ridiculous.

The ‘reason’ silk handkerchieves could untie their own knots or shape-shift into origami birds was because “The nano-lithographic filaments are AI enhanced! Yes, machine learning in your hankies!”

After I made the handkerchief transform into an origami bird I was able to add tags like, “This is actually a high speed drone that is programmed to float around the room and drop M&M’s into your mouth with pin-point precision. The problem is, I just couldn’t get a permit.”

A sheet of paper could restore itself because I was applying …semiconductor metal specs at points per billion and micro-fabrication to stitch together the molecules and seed them with memory filament chips that remember the exact patter of the tear so that they can ‘find their mate’ and restore upon command.”

Rubick’s Cubes solved in mid-air because I had a “…tough and tumble tiny task force of trained nano-bots to solve it in 3 seconds!”

I encourage all magicians to customize their shows whether or not the client asks for it, so that they can (not only add value to their promotional pitch, but also) create new opportunities to write new presentations for effects they already do and create more interesting “Causality”. As Teller (of Penn and Teller) so aptly put it, “A magician using mere ‘will’ as the reason for causality is the least interesting choice there is.” While they say the words, “May you life in interesting times.” is an ancient Chinese curse, I can only imagine that the words, “May you make interesting choices” are a modern blessing.


The Endless Upgrade... in Pursuit of the Perfect Program.


The Endless Upgrade... in Pursuit of the Perfect Program.


The wonderful thing about being a presenter and entertainer is that there are always opportunities to improve and refine what you do. Since we created our new business a year ago, my business partner, Velia Amarasingham and I have been delivering presentations for the leading Destination Management Companies in San Francisco. We have designed a very engaging, fun and interactive program that includes singing, dance, comedy, magic and now we've added an excerpt from our 1940s Suspense Radio Drama, where our audience gets to make the Foley sounds!

1940s Radio Show for the MPI Holiday Party at the Starlight Room in SF, in December of 2018

1940s Radio Show for the MPI Holiday Party at the Starlight Room in SF, in December of 2018

Part of staying on top of our own personal best, includes getting out there as often as possible. For example, this Wednesday was a wonderful day for Curated Entertainment. My business partner, Velia Amarasingham and I started the day delivering our presentation to the amazing Event Managers at the San Francisco Travel Association. Then we delivered another presentation at the very cool Urban Putt venue. Then to SF Travel's PBX mixer at the The Julia Morgan Ballroom (It was a mind flash because I'd recently Emcee'd a big wedding in the ballroom... where everything was AHEAD of schedule, with lots of spontaneous changes to finesse, which made me have to be fast on my feet.) Here are illustration of ‘quick-on-your-feet’ Emcee moments at a ”Women in Business Fempire Summit.”

At SF Travel’s PBX Mixer that eveningI performed lots of Magic debuting my "Signed card to Altoids tin". I also performed Mentalism and a powerful card effect which is in the genre of “Any Card At Any Number”. This means a guest names any card and any number and their card is at that position. To Magicians, this is considered the “Grail” of magic.

Heather Rogers Performing Magic at Hensley, www.heathermagic.com.jpg
Heather Rogers, Magician at Hensly. www.heathermagic.com.jpg

A highlight was meeting the folks at SnapFiesta who took this fun shot of Velia and I rocking out! Velia writes original songs for every client and along with our Composer and Sound Designer, Simon Amarasingham, creates entire soundscapes for events.
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San Francisco Travel, Velia Amarasingham & Heather Rogers.jpg



It's the Retro Game Show!

Last night Velia Amaraisingham and I performed 5 hours of our original comedy Game Show program at Slack's anniversary party at the SF Mint. We curated retro material for "The Price is Right", "Let's Make A Deal", "Family Feud" and "Name That Tune".  People won everything from cans of Spam to a luxury vacation to an Alligator Farm in Florida! This video gives you a sense of the fun!



The Mind-Mechanics of Doubt

Heather Rogers, Speaker.png

When I was young and envisioned myself as an adult, I pictured a radiant, glowing person who carried herself with compassion, grace, ease, and certainty. It didn't occur to me that doubt, fear, and indecision would be ghosts in the machine, casting their vote all along the way.

What happened? The brain forged and fortified neural pathways into superhighways of doubt-related 'chemical fixes.'

You were framed

Heather Rogers.jpg

1)  Between the ages of 2-16, our brains were quite literally programmed by our families and society. Was your programming 51% empowering or dismissive? Are you hanging out with people who doubt themselves too? If you're not sure, remember actions speak louder than words.


It feels good to doubt

Heather Rogers, Speaker Trainer.jpg

2) Doubt actually creates a reward response in the brain because it pulls the arousal out of the panicked limbic system and brings it into the Prefrontal Cortex, creating a sense of relief. This is how advertisers play us like a piano. For instance, they know that shame and pride wire together in the brain. Using our brains against us, they send these messages to our amygdala to trigger buying choices to meet their revenue goals.

We are all addicts

Heather Rogers, Speaker and Magician.jpg

3) We are addicted to thinking. If you 'doubt' this, try to completely clear your mind for one full minute. You'll find many uninvited houseguests clamoring for your attention.  What's worse, most humans are addicted to negativity. There is a pleasurable dopamine hit that comes when they can hold the attention of others, and trigger their emotional response system, in essence, sucking up some of their energy, (which is attention).

By understanding how your brain works, you can develop skills that have you to 'think masterfully'.

Up above your shoulders, sits the most powerful tool in the known universe and still, working at the fastest computer speeds to date.

Make this mighty force your ally by learning how to shape-shift it to create the life of your dreams.




- Marianne Williamson




Realtor and Community Activist Maggie Barr shares about new-paradigm leadership

This is the first in a series of interviews that I will be doing with amazing women who are a part of the new paradigm of community engagement that is merging business with philanthropy at a local level. 

Maggie Bar is a Realtor at Keller Williams Realty in Santa Cruz. She is a mover and a shaker in her community, especially with her involvement in supporting women in business.  She is CURRENTLY involved in 3 powerful women's communities including being a distinguished leader on the Santa Cruz Women's Council of Realtors, she is also a Commissioner with the Santa Cruz County Women's Commission, and a Board Member and with the Valley Women's Club of San Lorenzo Valley.

I learned a lot in our conversation and uncovered several distinctions around how a powerful woman in business makes discerning choices, and holds deep compassion for herself at the same time. Let's hear from a wise woman and game-changer, Maggie Barr.



The Power of using Magic for Philanthropy

The use of magic for philanthropy has been a deep calling for me. Generosity, compassion, and contribution are the REAL MAGIC. I recently performed at a fundraiser for Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, CA. One of the many ways that they serve the community is to invite homeless people to sleep in their sanctuary during the holidays. I happily donated 2 magic lessons for their silent auction because this is a way that I can give the best of my best to spread the magic of philanthropy.  

Ask yourself, "What is one way that I can add philanthropy to my life and business?"

"How can I 'raise the spirits of others?"

You can start small. I give away Love Packages from my car to people in need. (These are packs of supplies, food and encouraging notes that I assemble and have ready when the moments arises.)

Some ways that your can bring real magic to the world are: helping in a soup kitchen, visiting a rest home and offering your skill or hobby as an interactive activity, just smiling at people when you walk down the street. All of these are courageous acts of contribution that will ripple much farther than you know.  

List 3 things you can do right now, take action and watch how healing it is for your heart.

Here is a video clip from the event that raised the spirits for so many.



The Five High Truths I learned from the Five Coin Rollout

Coin manipulations are considered to be of the most difficult skills to practice and master in all of magic. Coins are small and require a tremendous amount of dexterity and ‘flight time’.

Over the years, making my living as a professional magician, I’ve been drawn deeper into the art and have grown more fascinated by the sublime composition of a well-crafted magical effect. The path to learning the Five Coin Rollout has been long and lovely.

Reflecting on what this ‘practice’ has taught me, I recognized Five powerful truths about life that have come out of this collaboration with my fingers and the round edges of coins.

Below I'll outline The Five High Truths I learned from the Five Coin Rollout and then offer a brief description of each truth with a book recommendation in case you care to expand upon that truth for your own ‘practice’.


Truth #1

  • You can achieve a thing that you thought was truly impossible if you just begin.

Truth #2

  • Mindful progression requires the tiniest adjustments along the way.

Truth #3

  • Consistency may well be the holy grail of life.

Truth #4

  • You know you’re on your bliss path when constant failure evokes no charge or reaction.

Truth #5

  • Learning new things that align with your true nature, makes you feel high.


Here is a brief description and a book recommendation:             

Truth #1

You can achieve something you thought was truly impossible if you just begin.

I never imagined that I would be able to perform the Five Coin Rollout.

I eyed it from a distance with awe for 10 years before ever attempting. But the day finally came when I began it.

The small victories continue to be many, as long as I keep growing in the practice.

Book Recommendation: Letters to a Young Poet, Ranier Maria Rilke

Truth #2

Mindful progression requires the tiniest adjustments along the way.

In areas that require subtle distinction, moving quickly will not do. Some avocations require a microscopically slow execution, which lends the gift of savoring the work in its intricate beauty.

Book Recommendation: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Truth #3

Consistency may well be the holy grail of life.

I’ve recently come to the highest truth of all for a self-employed professional:

 “Life is about the Practice of Refining Lock-down PROCEDURES for Focus.” The deeper I dive into this ‘reveal’, I see that the operative words are “Practice” and “Refining”.

Jim Collins talks about the “20 Mile March” no more, no less, every day, making the biggest difference between companies that are successful and those that capitulate.

Book Recommendation: Good to Great, by Jim Collins

Truth #4

You know you’re on your bliss path when constant failure evokes no charge or reaction.

I have been fascinated to notice that each time the coins pattern crumbles between my fingers and fall away, instead of being discouraged, it only makes me more energized. I’ve learned that every drop of the coin is bringing me that much closer to the taste of a perfect coin roll out.

Book Recommendation: Failing Forward, by John Maxwell

Truth #5

Learning new things that align with your true nature gets you high.

It is amazing how many endorphin rushes lie just on the other side of a little effort.

You know that you have ‘chemistry’ with what you are doing if your brain releases very expensive chemicals into your bloodstream, making you feel a bit like flying.

Instead of arguing with the part that makes us resist our bliss-path, why not just go for a swim in a craft that grants ‘heart-retrieval’ as well as real accomplishment?

Book Recommendation, My Stroke of Insight, by Jill Bolte Taylor