Would you like to add a Skype button on your form or enable people to leave voice recordings?

I counted a whopping 379 FREE widgets to choose from.

If you're wanting to learn more about the most recent players in this tech and data supernova, you can explore services that offer the latest widgets.


There are some amazing and enlightening widgets available for free on Jotform.com.

They had everything form a form that will give you a drop down menu for ALL the cities in China to a widget that will offer Chuck Norris jokes!

You can explore these widgets to:

  • Get inspired about a new way to innovate your business,

  • Discover a new niche market that can use your services,

  • Learn about emerging players in the social media game,

  • Get a strategic view of trends that haven't hit the masses yet, or

  • To just modernize your forms,

I’m not affiliated with Jotform but I’m pretty impressed with their list of widgets.

Among the many options available are:

Voice Recorder, where people an leave voice recordings on your contact page. They also have off-beat widgets like Comedy Central and Ted Talks.


I found widgets that will do E-signatures, track referrals and do embedding.

You can even put your Linked in file digital card on a form.

I was surprised at how many cool, smaller Video Hosts I hadn’t thought of like Wistia, Animoto and Video Detector. If you’re looking to get more coverage for your videos, for your SEO and just getting a larger footprint out there, this could be of value to you.

I also found options for putting music into your forms or sound files, there is Spotify, Audio Boo and Official FM.

It’s really good way for you to get a pulse on the digital community and what the emerging platforms are.


You might consider marketing to these companies or using their services in a deeper way if one is the magic bullet that will give your organization leverage in your niche market. You might find out that they service your ideal client, and get new ideas.

Take a tour of the Jotform home page and the control panel.
There are

  • Form Tools

  • Quick Tools

  • Survey Tools

  • Payment Tools and

  • Widgets

Click “More Widgets” to see an exhaustive list.

I’ve found that they have pretty good customer service in terms of quick response to emails. I’m going with the free version. You can receive 100 forms a month.

I hope this is useful just to expand your perception emerging trends for widget lovers! 

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