I recently had the pleasure of revealing the fact that I am one of the most infamous Cyber Hackers in North America to the attendees of The UC system Cyber Security Summit. Here is a brief clip demonstrating how I'm a "Soul Hacker" as well.

This was actually a powerful study in what Magicians call “Causality”. This refers to ‘what or who is doing the magic’, or the reason for the magic. In this case I was ‘coming out’ as a Cyber Hacker.

This was a field day for my comedy writer as I was able to pull from my studies of Semiconductor technology, quantum mechanics, consciousness hacking and the truly ridiculous.

The ‘reason’ silk handkerchieves could untie their own knots or shape-shift into origami birds was because “The nano-lithographic filaments are AI enhanced! Yes, machine learning in your hankies!”

After I made the handkerchief transform into an origami bird I was able to add tags like, “This is actually a high speed drone that is programmed to float around the room and drop M&M’s into your mouth with pin-point precision. The problem is, I just couldn’t get a permit.”

A sheet of paper could restore itself because I was applying …semiconductor metal specs at points per billion and micro-fabrication to stitch together the molecules and seed them with memory filament chips that remember the exact patter of the tear so that they can ‘find their mate’ and restore upon command.”

Rubick’s Cubes solved in mid-air because I had a “…tough and tumble tiny task force of trained nano-bots to solve it in 3 seconds!”

I encourage all magicians to customize their shows whether or not the client asks for it, so that they can (not only add value to their promotional pitch, but also) create new opportunities to write new presentations for effects they already do and create more interesting “Causality”. As Teller (of Penn and Teller) so aptly put it, “A magician using mere ‘will’ as the reason for causality is the least interesting choice there is.” While they say the words, “May you life in interesting times.” is an ancient Chinese curse, I can only imagine that the words, “May you make interesting choices” are a modern blessing.