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Come to the Cabaret!

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Bring the Cabaret theme to vivid life by inviting the Crystal Dynamics team to experience a titillating night in a "1930s" speakeasy, from the jazz, to the sultry performers, to the prohibited libations.

This wildly entertaining, original and interactive experience features Broadway caliber singing, mesmerizing magic, Fosse-inspired dance, custom audience participation, riveting, strolling characters, and much, much more... all leading up to a show-stopping finale!

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It's the 1930s and cabaret is King, complete with jaunty jazz music, feather boas, hooch and dancedancedance!

At The Sea by Alexanders, the jive band is hopping and four, sassy, sequin-clad ladies are on hand to entertain and entice you to experience the intoxicating vaudeville era for yourself, throughout the venue:

Five phases of fanciful fun!

1) Anticipation: The day prior to the event, you receive an invitation to participate in a prohibition-themed, mission-driven game, igniting your curiosity and sense of adventure. 

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2) Dolls, Dolls, Dolls: Doll-faced flappers greet and gab with you upon arrival, and throughout the evening.

3) Gin Kingpin Game: Wanna be the next Gin Kingpin of San Francisco? You gotta be in the game to win it!

4) Props & Poses: Time to leave your inhibitions at the door, accessorize like a star and strike a pose for your "money" shot. Ooh la la!

5) Life is a Cabaret! : Catch a cabaret performance featuring dazzling music, magic and comedy, then get on your feet for the grand finale.

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The Gin Kingpin Game 

The biggest bootlegger in San Francisco has just been put in the clink. Now, the competition is on to see who's got what it takes to be the new kingpin. Could be a guy, could be a gal. Whoever's got the most gumption can win.

The adventure begins when you receive your invitation to get in the game on the eve of the event. It instructs you to gab with the flapper who's wearing the same color as your invitation, upon arrival at the party, to get you on your way.

Follow the clues, sling some gin, collect cash and figure out who you can trust. If you've got the biggest stash of green at the end of the evening, you'll be crowned the new Gin Kingpin of San Francisco and be awarded a stupendous prize!

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Props & Poses

Get the star treatment in the Props and Poses room!

 A hospitable cast member with impeccable taste and style will invite you to choose just the right boa or bowler hat, and will suggest the perfect pose for your "money shot".


Voila!  A star is born.

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Life is a Cabaret!

This is the Kit Kat club from the Broadway hit Cabaret, re-imagined. The area is complete with a raised stage and bright lights, cocktail seating and house jazz band. A gorgeous, quick-witted magician performs eye-popping, close-up magic while vivacious, female characters stroll throughout the room making cute quips.

Every half hour, our three, musical theatre-trained, female vocalists belt out iconic songs from the award-winning musical such as "Welcome", "Maybe This Time" and "Money Money". Variety acts featuring magic, juggling and comedy follow, to round out the decadent 1930s, vaudevillian experience.

The Grand Finale

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And now... for the grand finale... First, the winner of the Gin Kingpin Game is announced! Then, our powerhouse vocalists and mesmerizing magician take the stage to perform the renowned hit "Cabaret" featuring Fosse-inspired choreography and... you!


On cue, get on your feet and show us your jazz hands or clap, stamp your feet and be part of the cabaret's wildly ruckus crowd. This is your cabaret!

Come to the Cabaret!

This custom, Cabaret-themed, immersive entertainment experience includes:

  • Original, custom Cabaret-themed event concept for Crystal Dynamics featuring 5 interactive elements
  • 4 performers for 4 hours (including rehearsal time and travel expenses)
  • 3 musicians for 4 hours (including rehearsal time and travel expenses)
  • Sound engineer for 4 hours
  • 4 custom, 30s era costumes featuring sequins and feathers
  • Additional costume pieces and props for Gin Kingpin Game and Props & Poses
  • Rental of audio equipment 
  • Rental of lighting for stage 
  • Creation of feature performances (musical & variety acts) on cabaret stage
  • Choreography for finale, production number
  • Design and writing of custom, mission-driven, Gin Kingpin Game

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Ambient Add-ons

    Enhance and engage with eye-popping, add-on talent:

  • Strolling Juggler (clubs, hats & fire torches) throughout the venue and on the balcony.
  • Ambient Dance Routines (3 cast members perform 2 different routines twice an hour. Includes costume change, choreography, follow spot & props).

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