Heather has performed Close-up Magic at President Obama's Inaugural Ball in D.C. and other public figures including Hilary Clinton and Rita Moreno.


She brings, the perfect mix of delight, whimsy and elegance to corporate events. Less of a 'Grandstanding' Magician and more of stealth miracle-maker and co-host. Heather makes sparks fly at your event, while also meeting guests in a warm unassuming way, putting them at ease and creating the perfect ice-breaker for them to have the time of their lives.

Heather weaves stories, humor and remarkable skill into the program, making every magical effect a compositional masterpiece.

 A highly skilled FEMALE corporate magician is a rare find.  This will add an even deeper element of surprise, elegance and sultry charm to your very hip 'happening'.

“Charming, witty, daring and beautiful!”

- Marty Bloom, Event Planner ASCCA