Private 1-to-1 Intuitive Strategic Coaching Session

In each 50-minute session Heather works with you on two levels:

Business Coaching

Heather delivers custom business coaching in the areas of

  • Branding, 

  • Strategic Planning,

  • Product Development,

  • Team Building,

  • Speaking / Presentation Skills, 

  • Mastering the Sales Conversation,

  • Masterminding creative 'unique-to-you' Marketing ideas.

  • We begin with gaining clarity on the basics by answering these three questions:
    1) Who is your ideal client? 
    2) What do they struggle with? 
    3) How are you uniquely designed to be their solution? 

Life Activation, Transformational Training

  • Heather looks at the situation, issue or goal on an Energetic level and articulates the underlying patterns and influences at play, (distinguishing both the blocks and the opportunities.)

  • She speaks to the personality as well as the 'deeper being' of each person at a soul level.

  • Heather reads the information from the client's energetics, extending across time grids and ancestral lines.

  • In most every session a healing takes place that clients describe as 'soul retrieval'. 

Private 1-to-1 Intuitive Life Strategy Session: $175 for a single session

Book four sessions and get one free: $525 for four sessions (regularly $700)

All programs come with a 100% Satisfaction-or-money-back Guarantee


3-Month Private 1-to-1 'Life Activation' Coaching Package

Business Coaching and Transformational Training for those who need accountability, guidance and help creating their strategic plan.

You will learn how to 'Think in the Miracle Zone' which will compel you to take actions that shape-shift your Brain, your Body, and your Business.

All sessions deliver pragmatic business strategies as well as mind-tools and insights to help realign your energetics and raise your freqency. 

All programs come with a 100% Satisfaction-or-money-back Guarantee

Program includes:

  • One-hour Intuitive Reading and Life Strategy Session to launch your three month program

  • Two 30-minute 1-to1 calls each month (totaling six calls for the program)

  • A Full Day Live Event: "Craft your 90-Day Plan and Life-Activation Retreat"

  • Lifeplan Toolkit

  • Monthly Mastermind 'Abundance in Action' Group Call

  • Membership in the Private Miracle Zone Facebook Group

Three Month Coaching and Accountability Package ($375 a month) totaling $1125

All programs come with a 100% Satisfaction-or-money-back Guarantee


Connect with Heather to learn more about her Intuitive Strategic Coaching