I can't wait to meet you!
In this video introduction, you'll get to virtually meet me and gather a sense of the MAGIC that I can bring to your very special event! 

Watch my Magic Demo Sizzle Reel to learn about my Comedy Magic and truly unique Magical Entertainment. 

"Art in the Balance" is a seminal Contact Juggling Act that has taken 20 years to master. This captivating, luminous "Cirque Du Soliel-style" act captivates audiences.

If you work with an organization that would like to learn how MINDFULNESS can not only SAVE you money, but MAKE you money as well as improve Health, Productivity, Resilience and Communication, please watch this Speaker / Trainer Video. It is jam packed with magic 

Stage Magic, Close-up Magic and so much more

Whether you are looking for an entertainer to perform Stage Magic, Close-up Magic or a combination of the two, you get so much more because I create a Customized 'MAGICAL IMMERSION EXPEREINCE' just for you that also includes Learning Magic and receiving Magical Giveaways!

A Toast To You!