"I hired Heather and received so much more than I’d imagined. Heather’s ability to connect with others on the deepest level and ignite their real magic is astounding. Her fierce commitment to bringing out the real magic in others and helping them monetize their natural gifts is truly inspiring."

Katie Macks, Owner/CEO Get Your GLOW On, LLC

Week 1: Clarity

  • In week one you will identify and draw powerful distinctions on what your signature magic is and explore ways that you can joyfully use your superpowers to create more abundance, time and contribution to those around you.

  • You will decide on a time-specific, measurable Abundance Goal that you would like to set for the course.

  • You will learn how to make the most of your brain and how to set your mindset up for success.

  • You will gain clarity on your ideal client by defining:

    • 1) Who you serve,

    • 2) What they struggle with and

    • 3) How you are specifically designed to solve their problem.


"She delivers a whole package of transformation. She uses her own inner magic to make improvements in your business and also in your life. She is a real Magician who brought out my real magic."

Sandy Stelter, Owner Strategic Organizing Solutions

Week 2: Action

  • In week two we will brainstorm the steps required to achieve your Abundance Goal and create a prioritized list of the action step needed.

  • You will set up an accountability system with another person, to assist in creating the outcomes desired.

  • You will start your writing practice, so that your ‘inner magic’ can have a voice that will be heard.

  • You will list other administrative systems that need to be set up to have a strong infrastructure.

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"What I love is the alchemical experience of Heather taking her fabulous magic and tying it in to helpful hints for entrepreneurs. She is a riviting, brilliant, and transformative speaker!"

Aeriol Ascher, Owner, Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts


Week 3: Connection

  • You will define and identify your Dream Team - those who will support your work, at the level of the heart.

  • You will explore ways that you can use your task plan to create a deeper level of community and contributions.

  • You will uncover new ways that you can connect more deeply with yourself through self-care and mindfulness.

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"Heather was able to create an experience and an environment that allowed me to get to know myself better, to understand myself more and be in a place of discovery. Heather has the rare ability to transform others through her magic."

Maggie Schreiber, CEO & Founder Women of Wonder

Week 4 Transformation

  • You will bring all the elements together: Financial, Administrative, Team, Mindset, Health and wellness, enriched Relationships, and your Legacy for the world into a comprehensive vision of who you are as a fully elaborated, empowered magical being on earth.

  • You will set a new goal and draft an accountability infrastructure to assure the outcomes you desire.

"She is a Game changer. She helps people with their life, their business and their mindfulness. You’ve got to see Heather Rogers’ magic."

Susan Rueppel Ph. D. WINtuition