Choose From Three Spectacular Show Packages.

Standard Party Package

This interactive and dazzling Comedy Magic Show features

  • Magic

  • Comedy

  • Juggling and

  • Lots of audience participation

More than just a stand-up comedy magic show, this program is a full variety show with separate acts set to music that include a hilarious

  • Straight Jacket Escape dance and

  • World Class Contact Juggling Act 

This delightful and truly astonishing magic show contains over 25 magical effects
All the children get to participate up ‘on stage’ and become stars of the show!

Just a small sampling of the delightful ‘show-nanagins’ include:

  • Children melt silverware with their minds

  • Objects appear in their closed hand

  • Silk handkerchiefs vanish and appear up their sleeve.

  • A flaming wallet produces $1's that intently turn into $20's

  • Reading Glasses stand up on a table by themselves

  • A doll made of twigs stands up in the hand inches from view

  • A large soap bubble turns into a crystal ball in mid air!

  • A deck of cards cuts by itself as the chosen card slowly slides out of the deck. 

  • There is juggling, 'comic card shuffling', mind reading, magic with rope, coins, cards and even a pet prairie dog.

At the end of the show the guest of honor graduates as a real magician! 
They are presented with a Magic Wand, and a fancy “Magicians’ Assistant Certificate of Award”!

Running time: 35 -  45 minutes

Deluxe Party Package:

This package includes all the amazing things mentioned above, plus:

  • More magic! 

  • The guest of honor receives a 'Heather Magic Kit' with over 30 tricks inside

  • A Balloon Twisting Kit

  • A custom Trophy with their name printed on

  • Their award certificate comes in a glass frame, and

Your child "floats in the air" with a Chair Suspension Levitation!

The Chair Suspension levitation is one of the few “Grand Illusions” that can be performed anywhere, even surrounded!

In this package, EVERY CHILD receives free magic tricks!

This turns the end of the show into a Mini-Magic Workshop, where THEY become Magicians.

They all receive a jumbo bill with jokes on the front and 5 magic tricks on the back.

They learn how to:

  • make a nickel cry! 

  • make a knot appear on a handkerchief!

  • know the color of a crayon just by feeling it behind their back. 

  • cut a hole in the center of a napkin and magically restore the hole!

Effects are easy & age appropriate. Other give-aways include: 

A Fortune Teller Fish magic trick, and 
A Card that Makes a Quarter Appear before your very eyes!

Running time: 50 minutes 

Super Deluxe Package:

Heather ends the show performing FOUR INSTANT COSTUMES CHANGES!