"Working with you IS magic!"

- Joan Baez:

What is so different about Heather Rogers' Magic? 

 Heather's magic is not only entertaining, it is empowering.  

Heather uses her superlative skills as an Magician, Mentalist, Motivational Speaker, and Mindfulness Trainer, to create extraordinary experiences leave audiences delighted and inspired!

We are passing beyond the Information Age, into the Age of EXPERIENCE.

Heather not only heartily entertains, she reminds you that...
 Magic is REAL, and it's YOU.



Heather's show is contemporary, hip and packed with variety. The show has real chemistry with audiences because it gracefully balances between the right amount of edge, inspiration and audience engagement.

Not only a Stage Magician, Heather is a Motivational Mentalist who help people maximize their mind and magnify their mojo!

Another element that makes the show so unique is Heather's use of classic physical comedy and satire. Her playful physicality is reminiscent of the great ladies of comedy like Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Bette Midler.  

Her strikingly original show weaves together: 

San Francisco Magician

San Francisco Magician

  • Mentalism

  • Impersonations

  • Escape artistry

  • Machete juggling

  • Dance

  • Musical satire

  • Hilarious audience participation

  • and knuckle busting sleight of hand magic with heart-centered humor



Silicon Valley Magician

Silicon Valley Magician

She brings, the perfect mix of delight, whimsy and elegance to corporate events. Less of a 'Grandstanding' Magician and more of stealth miracle-maker and co-host. Heather makes sparks fly at your event, while also meeting guests in a warm unassuming way, putting them at ease and creating the perfect ice-breaker for them to have the time of their lives.

Heather weaves stories, humor and remarkable skill into the program, making every magical effect a compositional masterpiece.

A highly skilled FEMALE corporate magician is a rare find.  This will add an even deeper element of surprise, elegance and sultry charm to your very hip 'happening'.

“Charming, witty, daring and beautiful!”

- Marty Bloom, Event Planner ASCCA



Mindfulness Productivity Keynote:
"How to Master your Mind and Maximize your Mojo"

The 2 top challenges facing the fastest growing companies today are:
Recruiting and retaining TOP talent for team synergy
Keeping up with technology while cultivating Mindfulness

Heather's customized TEAM BUILDING and COMMUNICATION programs remove blocks to innovation and help optimize workflow while while truly surprising you with the latest findings in brain-science. Heather draws from her experience as a Motivational Mentalist to bring high entertainment values and take-home value.

Heather's SPEAKER / TRAINER video illustrates how she uses magic to help people Maximize their Mind. 


Team Building and Communication Program:
"Mindfulness, the Elixir of Engagement"  

This program delivers tools and distinctions that will increase the bottom line by helping in the retention of top talent, increasing productivity and creating a happy cultures.


Heather has a secret formula that creates a far deeper level of energized collaboration, and innovation... "The Magical Immersion Experience".


Stage Magician       

Close-up Strolling Magician    

Motivational Speaker / Entertainer  

Mindfulness and Productivity Trainer

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