Heather's magic is not only entertaining, it is empowering.  

Heather uses her superlative skills as an Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, and Mindfulness Trainer, to ignite others and remind them of their immeasurable power.

Heather creates a Customized Magical Immersion Experience with her Stage Magic, Close-up Magic, Learning Magic and Magical Give-aways.

We are passing beyond the Information Age, into the Age of EXPERIENCE.

Heather is a Magical Messenger who not only heartily entertains, but also delivers a lightning bolt of revelation that reminds you that...
 Magic is REAL, and it's YOU.

This video is my personal greeting to you. In the video, I briefly describe what makes me different to give you a sense of my humor, performance style and deep commitment creating extraordinary experiences for your guests.

Here is video demo of my Contact Juggling Act.
It has been described as “A luminous, enchanting act; right out of Cirque Du Soleil”.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

If you work with an organization that would like to learn how MINDFULNESS can not only SAVE you money, but MAKE you money as well as improve Health, Productivity, Resilience and Communication, please watch this Speaker / Trainer Video. 

Feel free to call 888 Magic-ly or 888 624-4259

A Toast To You!