Roaring 20's

A Dazzling Murder Mystery 


CE 2, 20'S.jpg

Bring the Roaring 20s murder mystery theme to vivid life by first converting the Monroe nightclub into a swanky speakeasy complete with performing flappers and a slick jazz trio, then, staging a criminal caper for the guys and dolls of Tapingo to solve.

This custom, ab-so-lute-ly swell, interactive experience features razzle-dazzle close-up magic, Charleston-dancing jazz singers and music, a murder mystery-inspired plot, clue-dropping skits, feel-good audience participation and a show-stopping, whodunit-revealing finale.


CE 3 20'S.jpg

The Monroe juice joint is hopping on a Thursday night and the fellas and dames are dressed to the nines and looking for some kicks.

Then, just as the golden-voiced jazz singers are performing  a sultry rendition of “Ain’t Misbehavin”, a shrill scream chills everyone’s spines, and halts all music and chatter...

CE 4 20'S.jpg

Jeepers Creepers! A big cheese from Tapingo is lying spread-eagle on the floor. Murdered.

The evening’s rip-roaring entertainment plays out in 3, fully customized, interactive phases:

Magic & Mayhem: Ritzy jazz music and doll-faced flappers greeting and performing snappy magic, until... a melodramatic murder causes mayhem!

Music & Mystery: Charleston-dancing flappers mingle with guests, croon with the band and perform titillating, pop-up, mystery-solving skits.

Whodunit: The performers and guests come together to determine whodunit in a thrilling game of elimination, for a riveting and satisfying finale. 

Magic & Mayhem

CE 5 20'S.jpg

Upon arrival, guys and dolls hear live, finger-snapping jazz music and are greeted by three sequin-clad flappers, who are reallookers.

Two of the dancing dames escort guests to their cocktail tables and then kick up their heels, while the other dazzles them with magic that will have everyone saying, "This is the bee's knees!"

Music & Mystery

CE 6 20'S.jpg

A trio of dapper, jazz musicians play upbeat, well-known tunes from the Roaring 20s including “When You’re Smiling”, “Mack the Knife” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” while guests dance the Charleston, Fox-Trot or free style.

The three fabulous flappers alternate between singing with the band, strolling in character and performing pop-up, audience-activating skits that provide guests with clues as to who committed the crime.

Fingers will be pointed, lies will be told, people will be double-crossed… but the truth will come out!

CE 7 20'S.jpg


For a satisfying conclusion to a fun-filled evening of Roaring 20s misbehavin’ and mayhem, Tapingo guests gather by the stage to take a shot (no pun intended!) at whodunit. Only then is the motive, weapon and murderer revealed in one of two ways:

1) Flapper gals facilitate suspect eliminations with the assistance of guests, until the culprit is the only one left standing. (Package 1)


2) As above PLUS...

A thrilling, show-stopping, plot-revealing, musical number featuring swinging singing and dancing and mesmerizing magic for a never-seen-before, satisfying grand finale. (Package 2)

Package 1: Murder Mystery & Mayhem (6 artists, 3 hrs)

  • Custom, 3-phase, Roaring 20s Murder Mystery concept design
  • Magician/flapper for 3 hrs
  • 2 singers/dancers/flappers for 3 hrs 
  • 3 jazz musicians for 3 hrs 
  • Custom murder mystery storyline/plot
  • Scripts for pop-up, plot-revealing skits, written in 1920s style
  • 3 period (flapper) costumes
  • Script for reveal of whodunit at finale

Package 2: Murder Mystery, Mayhem & Musical Finale (6 artists, 4 hrs)

           All featured items in Package 1 with the addition of: 

  • Magician/flapper for 4 hrs 
  • 2 singers/dancers/flappers for 4 hrs 
  • 3 jazz musicians for 4 hrs 
  • Original composition and choreography of show-stopping, plot-revealing musical finale