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Comedy Magic Show




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Heather's show is contemporary, hip and packed with variety. The show has real chemistry with audiences because it gracefully balances between the right amount of edge, inspiration and audience engagement. Another element that makes the show so unique is Heather's use of classic physical comedy and satire. Her playful physicality is reminiscent of the great ladies of comedy like Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Bette Midler.

Choose from two dynamic entertainment programs:

Heather's astonishing, hilarious, and dazzling BANQUET SHOW, or a fully CUSTOMIZED COMEDY KEYNOTE that features the organization's history, heroes & high points. Contact us for a quote.

Heather specializes in tailoring the program to four specific themes:
Innovation, Team Work, Maximizing Sales and Appreciation / Acknowledging awards recipients.

Heather's magical entertainment is perfect for conventions, corporations, cruise ships, colleges, and cabaret.

"Working with you IS magic!"

- Joan Baez

 Her strikingly original show weaves together: 

San Francisco Bay Area Magician

San Francisco Bay Area Magician

  • Impersonations

  • Escape artistry

  • Machete juggling

  • Dance

  • Musical satire

  • Hilarious audience participation

  • and knuckle busting sleight of hand magic with heart-centered humor

"Heather Rogers is the Bay Area’s top female corporate and society entertainer. She is sassy, sophisticated and deeply magical." - Tao Starbow, Salesforce