Young Heather.jpg

Heather performed her first gorilla show at age six. Her captivated family watched as she poured a glass of water into her pocket (having pinned a plastic bag inside the lining),  she then made her stomach growl like a drum beat (by pulling a radio cord out from under her coveralls and plugging it into the wall socket). After this command performance, her destiny was sealed.

When Heather was young, she followed her heart and ran away with the Pickle Family Circus and became their first Technical Apprentice. That year her dream of performing with the Pickles came true when she was a featured performer in their winter season run at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco. Heather’s circus apprenticeship opened the door to a 6-year career Free Lance Theatre Technician. During that time Heather served as the Technical Director of the San Francisco Mime Troupe and Olivier Entertainment.

In her serendipitous journey to becoming a professional magician Heather had many life experiences that continue to contribute to her life as a working artist. She has done everything from driving a school bus, to teaching performance skills to inner-city youth, to performing in a professional dance company.

In the Pickle Family Circus Heather (featured center) performed West African Dance as a Cobra in a 'creation myth' in the show-opening-spectacle, called the "Charivari".

The discovery of sleight of hand magic was a revelation to her because it elegantly joined together her love of performing, craft and her inquiry into the nature of consciousness.

She has been delighting audiences with her magic professionally since 1989. In 2000 Heather left her “straight job” to work as a fully self-employed professional magician and speaker. With deep gratitude she continues to share the magic and delight in the endless surprises inherent within our natural world.