Companies like Core Services at Oracle Open World, American Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alameda Power and Telecom, Nurse Recruiters Association all know that Heather delivers “LEADS”.


Heather's Five Point Formula that ensures your Trade Show success:

    1.    Large Crowds - Heather's presentation is strategically crafted to gather a sizable crowd at your booth. Your staff supplies the expertise and sales savvy to close the sale, Heather supplies the presentation skills and the magic to stop the foot flow at your booth.

   2.    Edu-tainment - You are not just generating leads, you are building your brand. Heather educates the public as to why they NEED your organization to be a part of their infrastructure while captivating them with powerful entertainment to increase long-term audience retention. 

   3.    Audience Involvement - There is nothing more captivating for an audience than watching one of their own incorporated into the grandstand fun. This creates a visceral immediacy that draws in crowds, while ratcheting up the entertainment value.

   4.    Dynamic Delivery - Your valuable brand requires a presenter with discernment and outstanding communication skills. Both a professional Speaker AND an expert Magician she conveys your message in a way that customers will never forget.

    5.    Specialized Customization - Through in-depth interviews and research into your organization Heather creates fully customized scripts with magical effects with content that is structured to help you obtain more qualified leads and convert them into sales.

To find out more about how you can turn your Trade Show booth into an irresistible pipeline for new clients, contact Heather Rogers for a free marketing consultation and magic demonstration via Skype.