Shape-Shifter University - 9 month program

Private Weekly Coaching Intensive

What would be possible if you had all the support you needed to move out of struggle and into blissful, actionable living?

What would be possible if you had the tools you needed to take control of your mind, your time, your body and your finances?

Enter the Transformational Immersion Experience. I would like to assist you in gathering

The Actionable Tools
The Resources
The Psychological States of Awareness
The Time-Freedom and
The Voracious Drive

To live at a whole new level of your own human potential.

9-month program includes:

  • Eighteen 30-minute Weekly Private 1-to-1 Live-Strategy, Intuitive Consultation Calls

  • Three Full Day Live (or Virtual) 90-day Quarterly Planning / Life Activation Days

  • Nine 1-hour Monthly Group Calls

  • Membership in the Private Miracle Zone Facebook Group

  • Unlimited access to Heather via Email

9-month Program: $8,725  

All programs come with a 100% Satisfaction-or-money-back Guarantee (within the first month). 

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VIP, Full Day Intensive Group Mastermind Deep Dive

Limited to 5 People

Receive personalized, detailed coaching that includes actionable, accountable and time-specific directives to achieve the fastest results possible with your team and vendors.

This program includes a 30-minute Pre-event Private Coaching Call and a 30-minute Post event follow-up Private Coaching Call / Life-Strategy Reading

Full Day Program: $975

Location: TBA

Maximum number of guests is five.

All programs come with a 100% Satisfaction-or-money-back Guarantee

Private 1-to-1 Full Day Mind-Body-Soul Activation
An Immersive Transformational Experience

The Day That Will Change Your Life Forever

Engage in a series of fully customized exercise, experiences, and environments designed to release blocks and trigger neural and energetic connections that blaze a pathway to direct connection between you and your oversoul.  

This is a pragmatically detailed recalibration and revision of your Career and Lifestyle Architecture that resonates fully with the reason you were placed on the planet at this very crucial moment in world history.

You will come away with a detailed roadmap that will hardwire your being for success.

This program includes THREE 30-minute Private Coaching Calls / Life-Strategy Readings; one pre-meeting call and two follow-up calls.

Two meals are included.

Full Day Program: $1875

This program is not for everyone. This is for those ready to move a lot of energy quickly who want in-depth business coaching at a granular level.

Due to time constraints not all applicants are accepted

All programs come with a 100% Satisfaction-or-money-back Guarantee


Corporate Group Training Program

Team Building and Communication Program:
"Mindfulness; your passport to the Miracle Zone"  

This program delivers tools and distinctions that will transform the life of your organization.

While all curriculum is custom-designed to achieve the desired outcomes of your organization, Heather has a secret formula that creates a far deeper level of engagement, energized collaboration, and innovation... by creating a Magical Immersion Experience.

  •  increase the bottom line,

  • help in the retention of top talent,

  • increase productivity and

  • create a happy culture

Attendees are transported into a state of receptivity, and genuine mindfulness because Heather uses mind-science techniques to bypass the rational mind and induce the release of the four 'Happiness Chemicals': Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins.

Phases of the Training:

While all curriculum is generated and tailored to achieve the desired outcomes of your organization, Heather has a secret formula that creates a far deeper level of engagement, energized collaboration, and innovation... by creating a Magical Immersion Experience.

Heathre Rogers Trainer.jpg
  • The Immersion experience begins when attendees enter the room as Heather engages them in interactive CLOSE-UP MAGIC to create a sense of happy surprise, meet them personally and discover their learning objectives.

  • Next, participants engage in a humorous TRAINING PROGRAM that delivers game-changing distinctions about how the mind works and how to ‘hard-wire the brain’ for success, using attention and plasticity.

  • Deeper into the program participants LEARN AND PERFORM MAGIC in teams. At this point attendees transcend the "Training" experience the real team alchemy begins. there is an opportunity to get a video of their performance and receive a standing ovation (for their next Facebook post!) The debrief at the end of this module produces innovative outcomes and new objectives. 

  • At the conclusion of the training, participants TAKE HOME MAGICAL EFFECTS and CONTINUE THE LEARNING through group generated 'next steps' in order to build on their new distinctions.

Participants learn:

  • How to make the most of the energy hungry Prefrontal Cortex and how shockingly short its attention span is

  • How tools like "Reappraisal", "Naming the emotion" and "Competing against yourself" can make or break your career

  • The surprising health and financial benefits of being Present versus in the Narrative part of the brain

  •  Why the right balance of Autonomy, Fairness, Certainly, Status, Relatedness and Contribution keep the Limbic System from reverting to the emotional state of a two year old.

  • About the brains plasticity and how you can not only change your brain chemically, but you can change it physiologically by changing your thinking

  • How 'lock-down daily procedures' will free up your brain for optimal information processing 

  • Memory enhancement techniques through vivid Mnemonic devices

  • How to make mobile tech-tools work FOR us instead of splitting our focus and sabotaging our effectiveness

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